The Association was founded  in 1999 by professionals interested and responsible to promote proper  floodplain management in the State of Kansas. The purposes of the Association are:

  • To promote public awareness of proper floodplain management; and,
  • To promote the educating, training, and networking of individuals involved with floodplain management; and,
  • To explore any issues pertinent and necessary to the effective implementation of floodplain management matters and support needed changes; and,
  • To promote communication and cooperation with local, state, and federal agencies involved with floodplain management; and,
  • To develop partnerships with other professional associations, environmental associations, and the development community to further promote proper floodplain management; and,
  • To encourage development of communications systems, to facilitate the sharing of information in a timely manner; and,
  • To encourage technical assistance and mutual aide between jurisdictions to address floodplain management and flood disaster needs; and,
  • To work to foster a sense of professionalism on the part of its members.