Top Ten Changes proposed for FEMA’s

2012 Community Rating System (CRS) Coordinator’s Manual

Below is a short preview of some of the changes to the 2012 Coordinator’s Manual that will be explained during the webinars planned for July and August (see and click on “Webinar Info”. Visit the website at top of this email or download attachment.


By the time the first webinar takes place, more detailed information will be posted on the special website (

Note that these ten are listed in CRS Activity order, not in order of importance.

1. The 50-page CRS Application will be replaced with a shorter Quick CheckĀ which will appear in Section 212-Application Documents.

2. More items will need to be submitted with each annual recertification, including all Elevation Certificates collected during the previous year. (Section 214, Recertification, and Activity 310-Elevation Certificates)

3. A new web-based self-assessment can help communities identify the CRS activities that will help them the most. Instructions will appear as a new Section 240, Self-Assessment.

4. A new approach to public information programs is being taken, which will result in a reduction in credit for old, routine, annual outreach projects. (Activity 330-Outreach Projects)

5. The first new activity in 20 years is being added to the CRS. Activity 370-Promotion of Flood Insurance, will provide credit for communities that take an active role in encouraging people to obtain and maintain their flood insurance coverage.

6. More credit will be provided for preserving open space. New credit points are going to be available to communities that encourage developers to set aside their floodplain areas as open space. (Activity 420-Open Space Preservation)

7. There will be more points available for protecting the natural functions of floodplains and coastal areas. This will include a new credit for implementing regulations that encourage low impact development. (Activity 420-Open Space Preservation and Activity 450-Stormwater Management)

8. More emphasis will be placed on prohibiting fill in the floodplain, including NOT approving LOMR-Fs (Letters of Map Revision based on Fill). (Activity 430-Higher Regulatory Standards)

9. New credit will be provided for exemplary administration of local regulations, including points for conducting field inspections and re-inspections. (Activity 430-Higher Regulatory Standards)

10. A new approach will be taken to the provision of credit to programs that prepare people and emergency management offices for the potential failure of a levee or dam. (Activity 620-Levee Safety and Activity 630-Dam Safety)